Friday, September 16, 2011

short story series: the left behind pet

a childhood friend of mine recently reminded me via facebook about a toy that i absolutely loved as a kid. we're talking, obsessed. here's another short story, with a peek into the childhood of meredith lockhart.

     the toy was one of those "fad" buys that every kid from the 90's had to have. wanna guess what it was? no, not a furby. nope, not one of those beanie babies. nooo, not the tickle me elmo. ok i'll give you a hint: they were smaller than a credit card, began life as an egg then grew up and pooped a whole lot, and could be clipped to your jansport backpack for easy transportation. you guessed it...the tamagotchi! remember those little electronic pets? talk about blast from the past!

     being an animal-obsessed kid, i loved that thing. i treated it as my own child. i have vivid memories of setting my alarm to wake up at midnight so that i could feed it, because they couldn't last a whole night without food. and i remember i would take it to school, hide it in my backpack, and escape to the bathroom so i could yet again feed the little thing.

     after going through several rounds of tamagotchi's (dropped one in the toilet during a feeding session. sadly, it didn't make it out alive), i upgraded to the talking tamagotchi. that was a big deal back then. really high tech.

     so one day the fam and i went to see black beauty in the movie theater. not wanting to leave my pet behind, i clipped that talking tamagotchi to my jean overalls to take with me. somehow i became so captivated by black beauty, that i forgot all about my tamagotchi (again, i was an animal lover!). 

     the movie ended up being great. and i left a happy girl, dreaming of someday owning my own horse. but i didn't take my little digital friend with me. it wasn't until hours later that i realized my tamagotchi was left, no abandoned at the movie theater.

     i was crushed. i left my precious toy at the theater, and there was no turning back. after much condolence by my parents (i'm sure they were relieved to get rid of it), i just had to let go and move on. lesson learned. i should have kept my tamagotchi clipped to my jean overalls. 


  1. ahh haha i love this! Good times :)

  2. i think i found your blog cause you commented on mine, but i love it! so cute. and dude, tamagachis were the bomb. i had like 4 and even though they died all.the.time. i was obsessed. obsessed.


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