Wednesday, November 2, 2011

cookie swap

(hershey kiss cookie recipe found here)

see that little badge to the left? the one with the yummy looking cookie and the words "cookie swap" slapped across it?

i just signed up to be apart of a huge cookie swap for bloggers. (i always like a good excuse to whip up a batch of made-from-scratch cookies.) on november 21, i'm going to get a little email with the names of 3 fellow cookie-loving bloggers. then i'll crank up the christmas music and get to baking so that i can mail those bloggers a batch of cookies! and then guess what happens? i wait patiently for 3 other bloggers to send me their cookies in the mail. oooh baby my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

want to join? click the badge and it will take you right over to where you can sign up. happy baking, my dear bloggers!

p.s. when i used to go to cookie swaps as a wee child, i'd always have my mom make those peanut butter cookies with the hershey kiss stamped on top.


  1. I'm doing this too! I'm so excited for it

  2. I know! I found it on your blog!! What a genius idea!

  3. haha, glad I inspired you! It's going to be so fun :-)

  4. omg I love this! I have been wanting to hold a cookie swap party at my house, but I think I'd be swapping with like two people since everyone thinks that's weird. I may look into this :)


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