Sunday, June 20, 2010

A MARFAlous Life

Well hello to all of Meredith's lovely readers! How fun that I get to make a guest appearance on one of my favorite friend's blogs! This is Abby reporting straight from Marfa, Texas. In case you haven't gotten the memo, Marfa is the newest "thing" in Hollywood, NYC, and many parts of Europe. Nowadays, you can't say you have truly experienced the Lone Star State without having trekked out to the little town of Marfa which has been taken by storm.

I guess it is only fitting for me to tell a bit about this great place in the middle of the Davis Mountains. People are swarming out here to experience this new culture, to see the art left behind by famous artist Donald Judd, spot the Marfa Mystery Lights, and to stay in the hotel where the cast of Giant (1954) stayed during production. If you feel a need to get away and really experience a unique culture, to see the beauty of West Texas, or maybe to just get out of the humidity, well...come visit us in Marfa! The Hotel Paisano is the place to stay. Don't even bother checking out other places :) There is a peace in this town that, mixed with the variety of people and conversations you will encounter, rejuvenates and rests the soul.

When I find myself running amok or just overly stressed from school, my "oversensitive" personality (I would beg to differ on that adjective...), or needing a pick me up, I pack my little red car (please, call her Lola) and head on out. My fingers and toes get giddy, my heart beats a little faster, and my eyes are on the very attentive lookout for that first stretch of mountains after so much flat land (I live in the great plains of can see for miles!). Just knowing that my little town is waiting in the distance for my anticapated arrival gets me pumped and ready to conquer all that stands in the way.

Now that I have given my sales pitch, I hope you plan to join Marfa. And, no, I do not say all this to increase our tourism levels, sell more hotel rooms at the Hotel Paisano, or to force my own passion on you. I do, however, think that everyone must give this area of Texas a chance. I have yet to meet someone who was not entranced and in awe of the mountainous terrain, the wide open and starry skies, the extreme amount of culture and vivacity for such a small town, or the peace that just slowing down can bring to life.

Follow my own MARFAlous life for a first-hand experience of life in this little town!

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