Wednesday, July 28, 2010

life plans

tonight i got back from my brief business excursion to houston (more to come on that later). but i met some people who have found their passions in life, and have found ways to incorporate the things they love into a career.

the company i am interning for this summer is helping ksbj, a christian radio station in houston, launch a new hd radio station targeted at youth. it was so inspiring to hear the ksbj staffers talk about their passion of reaching the world, and especially the next generation, with their radio programs. they realized they are placed on this earth for only a brief period of time, and that they should use every resource they have to glorify Jesus and reach those who need him.

i was also able to meet with a friend who is interning at a hospital in houston. she is basically serving as a counselor to the patients and sharing the love of Christ to those who are at their lowest points. again, it felt so uplifting to hear her say that she has found what God has put her on this earth to do.

on my ride home from houston i made a little stop in the woodlands and was able to get together with another friend of mine. we did a little shopping and met a girl who works for lululemon, a place that sells yoga wear. we ended up talking with her for about thirty minutes, and she shared a mini version of her life story. she went to college in colorado, followed a boy to texas, ended up breaking up with him, and now works for a yoga store. but she absolutely loves it. she works for a company that encourages the employees to pursue their goals, live healthy lives and serve the community. cool, huh?

so while i still haven't figured out my life plans, i want to have the same passion as the people above. i want to wake up every morning and feel as though i am making a difference in this world by going to work. that is something i know for sure.

"the Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your love, o Lord, endures forever— do not abandon the works of your hands."
psalms 138:8

p.s. love this picture

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