Thursday, December 9, 2010

cookie cravings

whenever i am forced to study for long hours, i always crave sweets. it's not a good thing.

but how awesome do these cookies look? they have chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, graham crumbs, pretzels, potato chips, oats, and coffee grounds. ok yes, when you list out the ingredients it sounds a little weird, but i have a very good feeling it tastes delish.

the momofuku milkbar store makes these little guys, along with other weird cookies containing corn, blueberries, and cornflakes. and with a name like momofuku, the cookies have to be wack.

just like the levain cookies, their recipe is super secret. so i'll start by trying one of these recipes here, here, and here. what about you, have you ever tried (or made) these cookies?

"he gives food to every creature. "his love endures forever."
psalm 136:25

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