Saturday, March 26, 2011

san diego

first things first. my current location is the library...blogging. gotta work on getting my priorities straight!

second. i'm finally posting pictures slash memories from my spring break to california. brace yourselves people, it will be a long one.

here's what we did in sunny san diego:
pretended to be hipsters and biked along pacific beach
visited with the super great and nice kashi people (and got some free food!)
went to the san diego zoo, found a dog and a cheetah that were best buds
then saw a pregnant giraffe
visited the island of coronado and tried to layout, pretending we couldn't feel the cold breeze
met one of the rad workers at nika water, got some free sunglasses
hiked torrey pines and gasped at the incredible view
visited almost every small beach town on the coast
ate some great treats
snuck in the worlds largest natural products expo and met tenley molzahn
realized this is where i want need to be. this is where i want to someday call home.

"do not those who plot evil go astray? but those who plan what is good find love and faithfulness."
proverbs 14:22

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