Thursday, November 10, 2011

teevee schmeevee

lately i've fallen into a bad habit of watching a tv show before bed.
maybe it's because i have a freebie huluplus for one month.
maybe it's because i'm slowly becoming a tvhead.
who knows!

anyways, there are several shows that i absolutely love. some are complete cheeseballs and some violate all the morals i live by. and then some leave me wondering...why the heck do i keep watching this? but i can't help it. those tv producers really know how to suck a person into their meaningless tv programs.

these are the shows i can't give up. do you have any shows you absolutely love? or maybe some you wish you wouldn't watch, but can't stop watching? i'd love to hear.

1. modern family: when i first saw this show i thought, "man that latino chick is a tramp." and now i've convinced my entire family to watch it.

2. new girl: zoey is so. dang. cute. if she was real and not just a made up i'm on tv type of person, i think we'd be friends. we'd have lots of fun times singing at the top of our lungs, watching silly movies, and letting inappropriate comments slip out of our mouths.

3. terra nova: this show? it's like jurassic park on steroids. yes, yes it does give me the heebie jeebies. i think i see someone get blasted or eaten alive in every stinkin' episode. but i keep coming back.

4. once upon a time: guys, it's all about a fairy tale. so disney children's movie-esk, but so good.

5. revenge: csi + gossip girl = oh so great tv drama. i like to pretend i'm living in the hamptons when i'm watching. and i'd be living right next to ina. and we'd make delicious chocolate + pb cupcakes.

yup. i'm a tvhead.

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