Saturday, November 12, 2011

hair troubles

guys i have a story for y'all. it's kinda gross and a little embarrassing, but life's too short to take yourself seriously. can i get an amen!!

i tried this new shampoo from whole foods. i was inspired by this video and a very gay man who gave me a cheap-o pedicure the other day. he knew all about hair, so i trusted him.

fact: the less suddsey and lathery your shampoo is, the better. apparently the bubbles "strip" your hair. wish i could tell you what it strips, but i forgot. all i know is that i don't want my hair "stripped."

yesterday after washing my hair with this stuff i had to run a quick errand to target. so i was walking around target minding my own business when i felt the back of my hair. and it felt wet. i thought "what the...i already blew dry my hair." and then it hit was greasey!!!!! the non-suddsey shampoo left the back of my hair one big greaseball! sick, right? (kylie, the mysterious greasy hair is solved!! did you use it when you stayed at my house?)

so i apologize to all you target-goers that had to stare at the back of my greaseball hair yesterday. i'm really a clean person, i promise!

whole foods shampoo, we're dunzo. i'm chunking you!

that's all. happy weekend homies!


  1. while i love natural products, natural shampoo is not for me! did you dry baby powder or dry shampoo to help with the grease?

  2. yah chuck that sucker or see if you can return it to whole foods. bummer on the waste of a shampoo just you know suds help!


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