Monday, November 14, 2011


have you ever been to a drive-in movie? it feels like you've been transported back to 1950s. i've never been to the 50s. but it would be fun right? one time my friends and i were going around saying what era's we were all from. and they said i'd be a pleasant housewife from the 50s. cool. 

my friend emily and i saw the movie footloose. while it was cooler than cool seeing it on a ginormous screen under the stars, we got there late (life happens) and therefore missed lots of crucial parts of the movie and didn't have time to set up a very picturesque outdoor movie watching scene. and we didn't like the movie too much. dancing is fun, but not when it's inapprobs or while wearing little bitty clothing. 

saturday we went to a wedding. weddings are always fun. seeing people in love makes my heart melt and my eyes water. gets me every time.

this is my cousin emily and my best friend. since i'm in the wedding mood, if i got married tomorrow and had a maid of would be YOU. as susan (my mamma) says, "she's the sister meredith never had."


  1. awe i love this post!!! i'm honored to be your MOH :) when is the wedding? hehe i crack myself up!

  2. er, I'll get back to you on that one in 10 years...

  3. oh it won't be that long! maybe 5 years.


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