Tuesday, November 15, 2011

workie work

instead of mere words of love, i think i should change my blog title to "omg i work at neiman marcus, what in the world do i wear to work!"

life's tough when you have to find a different outfit every day.
not really. i'm so happy to have a job. and i've been shopping like a mad woman on black friday lately. it's kinda invigorating finding work clothes on a teeny tiny budget.

is the above photo myspacey? most definitely. to answer everyone's question of..."what in the world do you wear to work?" ill post some outfits. here you go curious george's.

you spotted it. that little red tag. yes i did purchase this little skirt from the one and only targette. keepin' it classy my friends.

p.s. everyone make your way over to itunes and buy jillian edward's brand spankin new cd -- headfirst. it came out TODAY! trust me, you won't regret the $6.93 you have to spend on it.

1 comment:

  1. love your skirt! if I had to dress semi-professionally every day I'd be in trouble.


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