Wednesday, February 22, 2012

the big buckEE

hunter was feeling a little left out on the blog. so here's a post dedicated all to you.

we call him big buckEE (landon is little buckee).
he's half man, half giant (standing at 6'8").
he likes rocks & wants to make a buttload of money (studying geology at rice).
bill o'reilly is his hero.
he's obsessed with trading stock.
he claims he doesn't want to get married until 10 years from now (yeah right).
he likes to tweet and wants more followers.
he's allergic to our ranch.
he's cheaper than krusty the crab.
mimi makes him weak at the knees.

sometimes he looks like preppy mcprepster.

other times he looks like a hobo.

and...he's my one and only twin.

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