Saturday, February 25, 2012

the challenge game.

one time i went to spain to study spanish.
my friends and i had an ongoing challenge game.

here's how it worked:
challenge each other to do something ridiculously crazy and hilarious.
accept and fully complete any challenge thrown at you.
fall short of completion in any way and you're no longer have the privilege of challenging other members of the game.

one friend's challenge was to ask the head prof to take a jumping picture with her. sounds easy peasy right? not with this prof. he was crazy. and slightly intimidating. no wait, really intimidating.

anyways, she accepted and completed the challenge. this is the result.

p.s. if you have loads of free time and like to read a whole lot of words, visit my spain blog here. (note: it's like a mini-novel. that was pre-short-blog-post meredith)

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