Thursday, March 22, 2012


whamo bamo i'm back in the states. but ill keep sending out blog posts i should have posted while in israel. gee i wish i was back there. 

((israel: day 5))
masada. haven't heard of it? it's one big mountain that king herod decided to plop down his three-teared mansion. it's really high up and the view literally takes your breath away (...after you take the super long hike to get up there. sadly, we took a cable car).

seriously, this herod dude had good taste. this place is a-mazing. and it looks over the dead sea.

after masada, we spent way too long eating falafels and buying dead sea products in an uber-touristy shop. they really know how to get americans to spend the big bucks.

i came away with three bottles of dead sea mud lotion and a pair of jellies for our dead sea experience. i loved those jellies for oh, about 2 hours. because when i entered the sea my jellies got STUCK in the mud! and those jellies are still there today. they got sucked down in that strange dead sea mud.

my fam was one of the few people on our trip to actually get in and float. and apparently we were a hoot to every other tourist. between my jellies getting stuck, dad and mom pulling as hard as they could to get me out, and dad falling in the water, they thought we were some type of comedy act. people were taking our pictures left and right. especially those asians.

after fully cleansing ourselves from the dead sea, we strolled into town and discovered a street lined with blue and white twinkle lights and the best coffee shop. i'm a sucker for those twinkle lights and a good cup of israeli joe.

fun fact of the day: if you drink one cup of dead sea water, you will die. eeks.

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