Tuesday, March 27, 2012


((israel: day 6))

ever rode on a camel? i rode on one on top of a mountain in jerusalem!! who cares if it was about 3 minutes long, i felt like the king (er queen) of the world! i was sky high. but the poor little camel looked a bit abused. i felt sorry for him. apparently so did one other lady on the trip - we looked over at her and she was WEEPING! sheesh. i felt bad, but not that bad. and it growled at susie.

after the thoroughly entertaining camel ride, we walked the road Jesus took on palm Sunday to several beautiful cathedrals. they have some sort of significance. but i just can't remember what. all i know is that they were really really pretty.

then we continued our ap history course by viewing a super large model of the old city. the most interesting section was the temple. wow was it neato to have a visual picture of something that was had such significance.

to somber us up a bit we visited the holocaust museum. whew something about the holocaust just fascinates me. incredible stories came from such a horrible event. i couldn't help thinking how in the world did these people follow such and evil men in their pursuit of jews. hits me in the gut.

when we got back to the hotel we had the privilege of hearing caroline glick address the problems with iran in israel. she was f a s c i n a t i n g. let's just say we were all ready to rumble for israel after her powerful speech. need some insight, read her blog here. i'm seriously considering sending her a little email begging her to let me nanny her kids and live in israel. you think i kid? no.

did i ever mention how cool the israeli army is? every kid when they turn 18 has to join the military - girls included. they have pride i their country like i've never seen before. i was one step away of saying "take me!! i'll join your army!"

fun fact of the day: some people used to take the bones of several relatives and bury them in the same box. when i die, i do not want my bones to be put in a box with hunter's. disgusting.

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