Thursday, March 15, 2012

day 2

((israel: day 2))

being the youngster on the trip, i’ve now become “the project” of the teased-hair, cole-haan women of the church. day one they found out i was single. so by golly they will die trying to match me up. fiddler on the roof anyone?

day two was better than day one. once again we whizzed past several big-deal biblical monuments. and people, i got to dip my feet in the same water Jesus walked on! i almost had a beth moore come our God is an awesome God moment.

it’s just incredible to see all these places come to life.

today i’m proud to say i: 
saw a crookedy old boat from Jesus’ time
met the man who found the crookedy old boat.
befriended a cute Israeli sailor boy
visited the most holy pagan place of worship (yikes)
heard the sermon on the mount in the same place Jesus preached it
took about a thousand pictures of the scenic view
waved hello to syria

ate a dead fish with it's head still on 
and rested on the very shore where Jesus fed the 5,000. 
how’s that for an incredible day?

hanging out with these old people ain’t so bad. one lady rightly described my crew: “you people are crazy!” yep, that’s about right. we get on that bus to laugh and chit chat. and i think we’ve offended just about every israeli in israel! take this as an example.

fun fact of the day: israel is the number one exporter of fruits to europe (or so one old geezer claims). 

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  1. Your trip sounds amazing!!! Goodness I wish I could be there. So glad y'all are having a wonderful experience!!!


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