Thursday, March 15, 2012

shalom y'all.

((israel: day 1))

other than the fact that i spilled water all over my lap, seat, and bottom in the first 15 minutes of boarding, our flight was pretty normal. we've finally made it to the holy land (or promised land as i mistakingly called it.)

traveling with a large southern baptist church is gosh darn funny.
i'm about 30 years younger than everyone on the trip.
i've caught lots of whiffs of granny perfume.
and i've seen more mom jeans, teased hair, and cole haan shoes than ever before.

but goodness this is fun.
we blazed through the northern part of israel today, visiting megiddo, valley of armageddon, cesarea, mount carmel, and ending with a breathtaking (and chilly) view of of nazareth.

it give me goosebumps to see all these places in real life. although they aren't quite like i pictured. every things about 10 times smaller and 5 times greener than i imagined. (did anyone else picture the holy land to be dry, desert-esque, and rather flat?)

fun fact of the day: falafel and israeli coffee is DA BOMB! i wish i could squish some in my suitcase and take it home.

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