Thursday, March 3, 2011

one in eight million

there is this restaurant in the mega mall in dallas where i love to sit back and people watch. it's so fascinating to observe all the types of people who pass by.
the mom and daughter duo in search of a prom dress,
the hipster teen couple wearing the same pair of skinny jeans,
the guy trying to appear as manly as possible while he shops for himself,
and the richie rich dallasites trying to impress their fellow shoppers with runway worthy clothing and neimans, saks, and louis vuitton bags.

what i love the most about this little routine is that every person has their own story. their own personal failures and successes, hardships and celebrations. yet you have no idea such stories exist as you pass them by.

the new york times has this project called one in 8 million that captures the stories of individuals through stunning b&w photographs. the chosen people tell their stories in a two minute bit while the pictures offer you a window into their lives.

oh my goodness. my friend stephanie gets to do a project for her photography class based on this website. how fun would that be?

"but i pray to you, LORD, in the time of your favor; in your great love, o God, answer me with your sure salvation."
psalm 69:13

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