Monday, September 5, 2011

how to: have the perfect labor day

i love holidays. they are nice little breaks from the busyness of life. they are celebrations of all good things - family, friendships, and food. along with my short story series, i will be popping in now and then with random how-to's. so i begin to have the perfect labor day

put your jorts on. i think labor day calls for some easy livin' in those all-american jean shorts. 

then add a touch of white. every southern girl knows it is the last day we can wear our white.

plant yourself next to some big body of water. today, this weather in texas is lovely. it's a sway back and forth in a hammock right next to the lake kinda day.

pick from the finest fruits and veggies at the local farmers market. then pack it all in a to go picnic basket, or grill out your favorite holiday recipes. 

and relax with some nice tunes. (oh the mumford & sons pandora station speaks to my heart.)

 holidays are the best. happy labor day all!

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